mat A 3 / 300 S

The A 3/300 S filter mat is a popular option

for high quality final filtration in ventilation  equipment and systems
as a prefilter in multi-stage air intake systems.

?The filter medium is progressive in structure,with layers of differing fiber diameters being arranged behind each other so as to ensure that the density of the fiber layers increases towards the clean air side. This optimizes the defined filter performance and the dust holding capacity, resulting in longer useful lifetime for the filter concerned.
The special smoothing of the clean air side increases the rigidity of the filter mat, rendering it sturdy and installation-friendly.
By virtue of its very good arrestance performance, the A 3 / 300 S filter mat can be used universally in all applications in which high-quality filtration in the fine dust range is demanded in order to protect both, humans and machinery.