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Dry Fog® 2

Minncare Dry Fog® 2 System
Clean Room Aerosol-Based Bio-Decontamination
The Minncare Dry Fog 2 system provides an easy to use, high technology solution for clean room and critical area fogging. The combination of our highly effective Minncare Cold Sterilant chemical and our state of the art Dry Fog delivery system enables users to rapidly and safely deliver Minncare vapor to even the most complex areas. Its sanitary and autoclavable design will permit its use in the most critical areas within pharmaceutical and other industries concerned with maintaining the utmost levels of sterility.

Dry Fog Equipment Advantages 
• Dry Fog Technology validated by hundreds of FDA audited pharmaceutical production facilities worldwide
• Controlled and consistently accurate droplet size
- Minimizes risk of condensation
- Ensures penetration into inaccessible areas
• Effective dispersion in all areas of room including multiple rooms areas up to 1000m³ using one single unit
• 8 different spray nozzle(s) position possibilities for higher flexibility
- Spray diffusion is horizontal or vertical
• Robust construction, with easy maintenance and no moving parts
• Does not require electrical connection
• Sanitary construction 100% Stainless Steel made
• 100% autoclavable design
• Portable system can easily be used in multiple locations
• Validable reproducible procedure according to international Pharma Standards
• Extensive document package and traceability on key part