Dezenfeksiyon Sistemleri

Fog System (AFS)

Actril® Fog System (AFS) (Available Outside U.S. & Canada)
Airborne Bio-Decontamination
Fogging technology using Actril Cold Sterilant ready-to-use product naturally disinfects surfaces through vapor condensation.
The Actril Fog Dispenser is a specially designed device that fits on 1 gallon and 5 liter Actril containers to produce an Actril vapor which coats and disinfects any hard surface. The device fits on the top of a standard Actril bottle and uses an 
8 mm or 5/16 inch diameter compressed air line supplied with compressed air (70 liters per minute @ 3 bar or 2.5 SCFM @ 45 PSI) to fog the Actril Cold Sterilant from the Actril Fog System

Increased Effectiveness
High level bio-decontamination
Fast microbiological efficacy
Destroys bacteria, mycobacteria, yeast, mold, virus and bacteria spores
Environmentally Friendly
Minimal chemical required due to fogging action (recondensation) 
Actril is safe for the environment
Easy and Safe to Use
No manual spraying or wiping
No human contact with chemical aerosols
No residue left on surfaces
Low investment, no maintenance, minimal chemical usage