filter mat PA-5 micron

The main field of application for the PA–5 micron filter mat is final intake air filtration in paintspray processes involving particularly stringent requirements for air purity.

As synthetic ceiling filter mat in Filter Class M 6, it ensures practically 100% arrestance of particles > 5 μm. The PA–5 micron thus meets even the toughest of quality stipulations in surface treatment technology.

The mats are made of high performance nonwovens produced inhouse from elastic, break-resistant polyester fibers. These nonwovens are thermally bonded and specially smoothed on the clean air side, in order to assure excellent fiber bonding. In addition, the fibers are specially processed to provide an actively adhesive surface.
The filter media are progressive in structure. This optimizes the defined filter performance and the dust holding capacity, resulting in longer useful lifetime for the filter concerned.
Due to the adhesive fiber surface, the PA–5 micron is able to permanently bond more than 3 kg/m2 of freeflowing Aloxite dust.
??PA–5 exceeds the highest „S0“ class in the Viledon migration test acknowledged throughout the market.
??The reinforcing scrim on the clean air side enhances the filter mat’s stability and minimizes the risk of damage to the clean air side during installation.
??PA–5 micron is resistant to solvent vapours and contains no silicone.